Dr. David Fenning to start tenure-track professorship at UCSD

August 17, 2013
Please join me in congratulating David Fenning, who just this week signed for a tenure-track professorship in the department of Nanoengineering at UCSD!
The UCSD Department of Nanoengineering was founded on July 1, 2007 (same day as the PVLab). Department research areas include biomedical nanotechnology, nanotechnologies for energy conversion, computational nanotechnology, and molecular and nanomaterials. Under the guidance of chair Prof. Kenneth Vecchio, the department has been growing at a strong rate, now comprising 26(+1) faculty, a vibrant core of 8(+1) assistant professors, ~120 grad students, and ~400 undergrads. The first class of 20 graduates earned their degrees this past June, same month as David’s hooding.
I understand that David will remain in the Boston area for at least the coming year, as he completes his self-designed postdoctoral appointments at 1366 Technologies and the Shao-Horn lab at MIT, broadening his experience with industrial solar-cell manufacturing and electrochemistry.
Well deserved, David… best wishes for a successful continuation, and may years of fruitful collaboration ahead!
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