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Silicon wafer degradation “root-cause analysis” featured in MIT Press

February 18, 2017

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Student project for campus sustainability

April 22, 2015

MITPVLab student Jeremy Poindexter teams up with MIT peers in 2.626/7 (Fundamentals of Photovoltaics) to evaluate MIT campus PV potential. 6630 Total Views 1 Views Today

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Silicon teams up with perovskites to form tandem solar cells

March 24, 2015

Traditional solar cells with a single band gap utilize less than half the energy in the solar spectrum. We’re developing “tandem,” or vertically stacked, solar cells, which aim to convert a greater percentage of incident sunlight into electricity. Our focus is on foundational technology development, including proof-of-principle demonstrations of device architectures and manufacturing approaches, methods to overcome key […]

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Impurity gettering TCAD software available for download

March 24, 2015

Ashley Morishige presents at the SiliconPV conference in Konstanz, Germany about the 2D and 3D gettering simulation tool she developed in collaboration with the company Synopsys, maker of Sentaurus Device. The Impurity-to-Efficiency Simulator for Sentaurus TCAD scripts and a short user manual are online from our lab’s website and PVLighthouse. /impurity-to-efficiency-i2e-simulator-for-sentaurus-tcad/ 6737 Total Views 1 Views […]

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Millisecond lifetimes achieved in novel silicon wafers via defect management

August 29, 2014 6737 Total Views 1 Views Today

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Solar cell manufacturing optimization via machine learning

July 14, 2014

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Sergio Castellanos awarded Best Poster Award at the IEEE PVSC

June 12, 2014

For his work entitled “Inferring Dislocation Recombination Strength in Multicrystalline Silicon via Etch Pit Geometry Analysis,” also accepted for publication to Journal of Applied Physics: 6662 Total Views 1 Views Today

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Dr. Vera Steinmann receives Best Presentation Award at Spring MRS

May 22, 2014

For her presentation in Symposium E entitled: “Direct Comparison Study of Thermally Evaporated and Pulsed-CVD Thin-Film Solar Cells Based on Tin (II) Sulfide,” which was recently accepted for publication to Advanced Materials. 6659 Total Views 1 Views Today

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