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Tonio Buonassisi speaks on NPR about Solar Energy

February 19, 2014

Prof. Buonassisi speaks on NPR’s On Point about solar energy technology innovations, manufacturing competitiveness, and President Obama’s goals of cutting our carbon footprint. 741 Total Views 1 Views Today

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Room-temperature infrared photoresponse in hyperdoped silicon

January 2, 2014

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Dr. Vera Steinmann awarded Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship

October 10, 2013

Congratulations Vera, well deserved! Best wishes for continued success. 641 Total Views 1 Views Today

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PVLab annual group retreat

September 14, 2013

PVLab went on a retreat with all 30+ members. After a day of invigorating student-led presentations & discussions examining the most promising research directions in PV, we changed pace and learned about marshland wildlife from a local guide. Refreshed and refocused, we head into the new academic year. 641 Total Views 1 Views Today

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NREL, MIT: Regional manufacturing trends in PV

September 5, 2013

As featured in China Daily, Renewable Energy World, MIT News, and others. Read the open-access article. 641 Total Views 1 Views Today

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Dr. Rafael Jaramillo awarded SunShot Fellowship

August 28, 2013

Congratulations Raf, well deserved! We look forward to stimulating and exciting research interactions with you in the PVLab, and best wishes for continued success! 637 Total Views 1 Views Today

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Dr. David Fenning to start tenure-track professorship at UCSD

August 17, 2013

Please join me in congratulating David Fenning, who just this week signed for a tenure-track professorship in the department of Nanoengineering at UCSD! The UCSD Department of Nanoengineering was founded on July 1, 2007 (same day as the PVLab). Department research areas include biomedical nanotechnology, nanotechnologies for energy conversion, computational nanotechnology, and molecular and nanomaterials. Under […]

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Riley Brandt selected for NREL National Center of Photovoltaics Fellowship Program

August 15, 2013

…for work focused on “Development of low electron affinity, n-doped materials as Cu2O and SnS heterojunction partners.” Congratulations Riley, and enjoy your summer position at NREL! 637 Total Views 1 Views Today

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