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Principal Investigator


Tonio Buonassisi

Tonio Buonassisi received his bachelor’s degree from the University of [...]

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buonassisi AT mit DOT edu

Research Scientists


Ian Marius Peters

Ian Marius Peters is a research scientist in the PV [...]

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impeters AT mit DOT edu

Postdoctoral Researchers


Ashley Morishige

Ashley (CV) is a postdoctoral researcher in the PVLab. Her [...]

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aemorish AT mit DOT edu


Seong Sik Shin

Dr. Seong Sik Shin joined the group in July 2016. [...]

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sss85 AT mit DOT edu


Juan-Pablo Correa-Baena

Dr. Juan-Pablo Correa-Baena is a postdoctoral researcher in the group [...]

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jpcorrea AT mit DOT edu


Sarah Wieghold

Dr. Sarah Wieghold is a postdoctoral researcher and joined the [...]

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wieghold AT mit DOT edu

Graduate Student Researchers


Amanda Youssef

Amanda is a Ph.D. candidate in mechanical engineering. Her current [...]

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ayoussef AT mit DOT edu


Alex Polizzotti

Alex Polizzotti graduated in 2011 from Pomona College, where he [...]

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a_zotti AT MIT DOT EDU


Jeremy Poindexter

Jeremy is Ph.D. student in Materials Science and Engineering who [...]

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jpoindex AT mit DOT edu


Mallory Jensen

Mallory Jensen is a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering. She [...]

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jensenma AT MIT DOT EDU


Sarah Sofia

Sarah Sofia is a graduate student in mechanical engineering who joined [...]

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ssofia AT mit DOT edu


Rachel Kurchin

Rachel is a Ph.D. student in Materials Science and Engineering [...]

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rkurchin AT mit DOT edu

Sterling Watson

Sterling Watson

Sterling is a first year graduate student in Mechanical Engineering. [...]

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smwatson AT mit DOT edu


Erin Looney

Erin Looney is a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering who [...]

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elooney AT mit DOT edu


Felipe Oviedo

Felipe (extended bio and CV) joined PV Lab as a [...]

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foviedo AT mit DOT edu


Luke Meyer

Luke Meyer graduated in 2016 from the University of Illinois [...]

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ltmeyer AT mit DOT edu


Titan Hartono

Titan is a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering who joined [...]

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nhartono AT mit DOT edu


Sai Nithin R. Kantareddy

Nithin is a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering who joined [...]

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nithin AT mit DOT edu

Visiting Researchers



Mariela Lizet Castillo

Mariela is a Research Specialist/Lab Manager at the PVLab. Prior [...]

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marielac AT mit DOT edu


Jim Serdy

Jim grew up on a farm where the tool shed [...]

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serdy AT mit DOT edu

Alumni & Former Visitors


Austin Akey

Dr. Austin Akey joined the PV Lab in January 2013 [...]

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akey AT mit DOT edu


Jasmin Hofstetter

Dr. Jasmin Hofstetter studied the kinetics of metallic impurities and [...]

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jhofstet AT mit DOT edu


Rafael Jaramillo

Rafael Jaramillo is a physicist-by-training who feels an imperative to [...]

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rjaramil AT mit DOT edu


Maulid M. Kivambe

Dr. Kivambe joined the PVLab in November 2012 and is [...]

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kivambe AT mit DOT edu


Yun Seog Lee

Yun Seog Lee is currently a postdoctoral researcher at IBM [...]

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leeys AT mit DOT edu


Christie Simmons

Dr. Christie Simmons is now a senior staff research & [...]

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simmonsc AT mit DOT edu


Vera Steinmann

Vera Steinmann is interested in earth-abundant materials (with a focus [...]

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vsteinma AT mit DOT edu


Riley Brandt

Riley completed his Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering with the PVLab in 2016. [...]

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rbrandt AT mit DOT edu


Sergio Castellanos

Sergio graduated with his Ph.D. in MIT Mechanical Engineering in [...]

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sergioc AT mit DOT edu


Rupak Chakraborty

Rupak (CV) completed his Ph.D. in the PVLab in 2016 [...]

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rupak AT mit DOT edu


David Fenning

David (extended bio and cv) received his Ph.D. in Mechanical [...]

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dfenning AT mit DOT edu


Katy Hartman

Katy defended her Ph.D. thesis in Fall 2014, and stayed [...]

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khartman AT mit DOT edu


Eric Johlin

Eric Johlin was a grad student in Mechanical Engineering, co-advised [...]

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johlin AT mit DOT edu


Jonathan Mailoa

Jonathan P. Mailoa completed his Ph.D. with the PVLab in 2016, [...]

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jpmailoa AT alum DOT mit DOT edu


David Berney Needleman

David (CV) is a Ph.D. candidate in mechanical engineering at [...]

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dbn AT mit DOT edu


Doug Powell

Doug graduated with his Ph.D. in May 2014, and studied defects [...]

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dmpowell AT mit DOT edu


Stephanie Scott

From 2012 to 2014, Stephanie was an SM student in Mechanical [...]

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smscott AT mit DOT edu


Sin-Cheng Siah

Sin Cheng received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at MIT [...]

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sincheng AT alum DOT mit DOT edu


Joe Sullivan

Joseph Sullivan received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering with the PVLab [...]

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joe_s AT mit DOT edu


Max Powers

Max was a UROP in the PVLab during his junior [...]

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maxp AT mit DOT edu


Jungwoo Lee

Jungwoo was the PVLab’s solar cell fabrication engineer from 2012 to [...]

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jzlee AT mit DOT edu


Michael Lloyd

From summer 2012 to summer 2014, Michael was a laboratory assistant [...]

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mlloyd89 AT mit DOT edu


Hele Savin

Hele Savin, Assistant Professor of Micro- and Nanoelectronics at Aalto [...]

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hsavin AT mit DOT edu


Michail Albert Schwab

During his time in the PVLab (2013), Michail was a [...]

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schwab AT mit DOT edu


Mary Breton

Mary is a second year undergraduate in the Materials Science [...]

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mbreton AT mit DOT edu


Jordan Burgess

Jordan is a third year Engineering undergraduate student from the [...]

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jburgess AT mit DOT edu


Hyunjoo Choi

Dr. Hyunjoo Choi (CV) joined the group at the beginning [...]

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hyunjoo AT mit DOT edu


Steve Hudelson

Steve earned his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineer as a [...]

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shudelson AT mit DOT edu


Jeanette Lindroos

Jeanette Lindroos is a visiting graduate student from Aalto University in [...]

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lindroos AT mit DOT edu


Menghsuan Pan

Menghsuan Pan is a sophomore in Course 3. He is [...]

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mpan1218 AT mit DOT edu


Torunn Ervik

Torunn Ervik was a visiting graduate student from Norwegian University [...]

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tervik AT mit DOT edu


Thomas Villalón

Thomas is a junior in Course 3 from San Antonio, [...]

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villalon AT mit DOT edu


Michelle Vogl

Michelle Vogl joined PV Lab in the summer of 2009, [...]

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michelle DOT vogl AT mit DOT edu


Mark T. Winkler

Dr. Mark Winkler investigates next-generation solar cell concepts, as well [...]

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mwinkler AT mit DOT edu


Niall Mangan

Niall joined the lab in September 2013 until September 2015. [...]

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niall DOT m DOT mangan AT gmail DOT com


Hannes Wagner

Dr. Hannes Wagner (Publication List) joined the lab between April [...]

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hwagner1 AT MIT DOT EDU


Michael Ising

Michael Ising was a research intern during summer 2014. His work [...]

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isingm1 AT mit DOT edu

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Matthew Mahaffey

Matthew joined the lab in May 2014 as a Summer [...]

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mahaffey AT mit DOT edu


Patricia Yen

Patricia Yen was a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering who [...]

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paxty AT mit DOT edu


Carlos del Cañizo

Prof. Carlos del Cañizo is a full professor (profesor titular) [...]

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carlos DOT canizo AT upm DOT es


Robert Hoye

Dr. Robert Hoye joined the lab in March 2015. He [...]

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rlzhoye AT mit DOT edu


Hannu Laine

Hannu Laine completed his Master’s Degree at Aalto University, Finland in [...]

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hannu DOT laine AT aalto DOT fi


Liu Zhe

Zhe Liu received his B.Eng. degree in electrical engineering from [...]

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zheliu AT mit DOT edu


Loïc Martinot

Loïc Martinot is an engineering student at École Polytechnique, France. [...]

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lmartino AT mit DOT edu