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Defect mitigation in silicon

Crystalline silicon (c-Si) is the material of which a growing >85% of industrial solar cells...


Earth-abundant thin films

Solar cells with thin-film absorbers require 100x less active-layer material than crystalline silicon, enabling low...


Infrared photoresponse

Achieving infrared photoresponse using silicon has been an outstanding challenge for the semiconductor community, with...


Kerfless silicon

Despite historically low silicon prices, the silicon wafer still comprises roughly 15% of the total...


Cost-performance modeling

Our lab’s efforts to model cost and minimum sustainable price of PV manufacturing began in...


Integrated storage

Integrating storage with PV is one route to making solar energy “dispatchable” and “non-intermittent.” Converting electricity...



Education is a major part of our lab’s mission. Former group members now in the...

U.S., Portuguese, and German participants of the 2007 a pedagogical workshop held at MIT, entitled “Modernizing Photovoltaics Education at the University Level.”

Scientific Community

We believe that every researcher has a responsibility to support a vibrant scientific community that...