We have several prior examples of successful industry interactions, many of which resulted in improvements of solar-cell manufacturing yield, throughput, and performance.

Collaboration models include direct sustained, direct short-term, donation, consortia, informal collaboration, and internships. In the case of open collaborations, these can involve students and possibility to publish. In the case of technology-transfer projects, we usually do not involve students.

Our laboratory is structured differently than most: We value technology transfer as an integral part of our graduate and post-graduate education; we encourage students to explore the industry-science nexus in their work; and we have one or two staff members who are dedicated to transitioning technologies from the laboratory to industry.

We are an active participant in industry consortia including QESST and the Bay Area PV Consortium (BAPVC), both of which include industry involvement. We enjoy numerous informal collaborations with industry through these projects.

If you are in industry and have a specific enquiry, please contact Prof. Buonassisi.

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