Collaborations: We enjoy fruitful collaborations with a worldwide network of researchers. Our philosophy is to approach collaborations as equal parties, bringing complementary capabilities and expertise to bear on grand research challenges. We value openness, respect, academic discussions, and learning opportunities, while keeping a results-oriented mindset. For a list of experimental techniques available in our laboratory, please email Prof. Buonassisi.

Visitors: We have a productive history of hosting visiting student and professional researchers in our laboratory. Mutual benefits include: Exchanging perspectives and research techniques, cultural immersion, and strengthening long-term collaborations.[1] Note that our Department places severe restrictions on the number of visiting students per year (typically limited to one), thus advanced discussion with Prof. Buonassisi is highly encouraged. Please also note that MIT is an independent learning environment — there is little coddling or hand-holding, and the most successful students are those who are proactive in creating opportunities, diligently pursuing them, and asking colleagues for assistance when needed.

[1] V. Ganapati et al., Journal of Applied Physics 108, 063528 (2010); E. Johlin et al., Physical Review B 108, 075202 (2012); A. Augusto et al., Journal of Applied Physics 113, 083510 (2013)J. Lindroos et al., Journal of Applied Physics 113, 204906 (2013).

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