Prospective graduate students: Our graduates are active participants in U.S. and international industry and academia. We typically welcome between one and three talented individuals to our laboratory each year. All interested students must apply directly to one or more MIT departments for admission. Once admitted, please reach out to Prof. Buonassisi to discuss opportunities. Unfortunately, he cannot respond to every student enquiry prior to admission.

Prospective postdocs: If interested in joining our group for a postdoctoral research stay, please email your CV to Prof. Buonassisi, and include in your “cover email” your career goals and research interests for a postdoctoral stay. It is advised to submit these materials well in advance of your desired start date, as it can take time to arrange funding for your position. Candidates will occasionally be called for an on-campus interview, involving a research presentation and meetings with group members. Upon acceptance to the group, the postdoctoral candidate and Prof. Buonassisi will together develop a career mentorship plan, to serve as an initial condition for research and career advancement plans.

Prospective UROPs and undergraduate theses: Our interdisciplinary research has a steep learning curve, and typically one semester of training is required to become proficient with experimental techniques and analysis. Thus, we usually admit one or two UROPs per semester, ideally for an extended commitment (year-long or over-summer), usually in semesters four through eight.

Visitors: We have a productive history of hosting visiting student and professional researchers in our laboratory. Mutual benefits include: Exchanging perspectives and research techniques, cultural immersion, and strengthening long-term collaborations [REFs]. Note that our Department places severe restrictions on the number of visiting students per year (typically limited to one), thus advanced discussion with Prof. Buonassisi is highly encouraged.

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