Impurity-to-efficiency (I2E) simulator

I2E TCAD Simulator

Between 2009 and 2013, we developed a TCAD code that simulates the evolution of iron impurities in crystalline silicon solar cells during processing. This code has helped academics and industry improve performance, manufacturing throughput, and yield, via identifying optimal gettering time-temperature profiles.

Click to access the TCAD simulator.


I2E Sentaurus TCAD Add-on Scripts

With these scripts, we add the I2E models to Synopsys, Inc.’s Sentaurus TCAD. We use the Alagator Scripting Language to add the I2E to Sentaurus Process. The post-processing impurity and dopant distributions and their electrical effect can then be coupled with a solar cell device simulation in Sentaurus Device.

Click to access the Sentaurus TCAD add-on scripts.

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